We understand how much you rely on your motor,
which is why we want to help you stay in it.

Arriving at 12 points does not have to mean you getting an automatic driving ban, but it may mean that we have to act very fast to stop the automatic process.

So you have been caught with a motoring offence. For most of us it is just a slap on the wrist, with a fine that we find frustrating at worst. For many however the additional points can be life changing: they risk losing their jobs and as a result their homes. In some instances, the stress can culminate in a family breakdown.

Help is at hand with Banaway: we will give you the best possible advice and argue the mitigating circumstances on your behalf, with the potential to overturn your motoring conviction and keep you on the road.

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Motoring Offences

Our focus is on getting you back in your car. Find out below about the different driving offence categories available.

Careless or Dangerous Driving

Careless Driving

Drink Driving/Drunk in Charge of a Vehicle

Drink Driving/Drunk in Charge of a Vehicle

High Speed Offences

High Speed Offences

Drug Driving

Drug Driving

Failing to Provide a Specimen for Analysis

Failing to Provide a Specimen for Analysis

Using a Mobile while Driving

Driving while using a mobile


With a brake light out I was pulled over by the Police during the stop and was informed that I did not have insurance. It came as a complete shock. I was worried being taken to court for I would lose my licence and my job. The worst of it was that a payment had not gone through and I had not thought of driving without insurance. Thankfully with the right advice the case was discharged and my life was back on track.


I am a sales representative and I do around 30 thousand miles a year as part of my job. In general I am a reasonably careful driver. That being said I had picked up 9 point on my licence all for speeding though not excessively; as an example 51mph on a 40MPH dual carriageway.

I got another 62 mph in a 50 area during road works on a motorway. I was guilty as charged and faced losing my licence and for that matter my job. Thankfully the team was able to persuade the judge that I should not be banned which saved both my licence and my job.


This is the second time our family has used the services. On both times even though we dealt with different solicitors we were really impressed with the knowledge of the individuals. We wouldn’t have be able to do it without your help.

John and Claire