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Banaway.co.uk works with some of the UKs most experienced legal professionals who will often be able to either get offences dropped, successfully defended or mitigated to reduce the impact on you and your family.

All cases vary according to circumstance, as part of your initial work with us will be to define what you are being charged with and what your previous convictions are. It is then a matter of matching those unique circumstances to have excellent advice from a legal practitioner best able to deal with those specific issues. This service is not here to help reckless and dangerous drivers who go out with no awareness of harming others but we are here to defend the regular person who through no wilful thought has gone astray with the law and needs professional help.

Simply fill in the adjacent form giving us the brief outline of what happened and get swift advice as to whether we are able to assist you.

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With a brake light out I was pulled over by the Police during the stop and was informed that I did not have insurance. It came as a complete shock. I was worried being taken to court for I would lose my licence and my job. The worst of it was that a payment had not gone through and I had not thought of driving without insurance. Thankfully with the right advice the case was discharged and my life was back on track.


I am a sales representative and I do around 30 thousand miles a year as part of my job. In general I am a reasonably careful driver. That being said I had picked up 9 point on my licence all for speeding though not excessively; as an example 51mph on a 40MPH dual carriageway.

I got another 62 mph in a 50 area during road works on a motorway. I was guilty as charged and faced losing my licence and for that matter my job. Thankfully the team was able to persuade the judge that I should not be banned which saved both my licence and my job.


This is the second time our family has used the services. On both times even though we dealt with different solicitors we were really impressed with the knowledge of the individuals. We wouldn’t have be able to do it without your help.

John and Claire